Catching Up on Backups

Well, this is embarrassing. The last time I wrote my so-called weekly column was more than a month ago. And, believe me, it’s not because nothing has been happening in the world of backups. Life got just a bit out of hand and blogging slipped down the priority list. But now the Ur-Guru has gone home, the cats have settled in, the housemate situation is more or less sorted out, and I really have … [Read more...]

BackupBuddy: The Holy Grail of WordPress Backups Is Almost Within Reach

From the moment I heard about the new BackupBuddy plugin from iThemes, I was dead keen to try it. A WordPress plugin that backs up everything? Really everything? Most backup solutions for WordPress only back up your database. The Automatic WordPress Backup plugin I reviewed in January (supposedly) backs up not just your database but your wp-config.php file, your uploads folder, your plugins … [Read more...]

Why You Need Your Own Website Backups

I was listening to Marketing Over Coffee a few weeks ago and heard a sad tale of woe from co-host John Wall. His blog, Ronin Marketeer, was down for four days. Hosed, in fact. Literally. On February 20th, there was an an accident during the annual inspection of the fire-suppression system at WestHost’s data center. If you rewrite WestHost’s account of the incident in the active voice, it amounts … [Read more...]

A New Way to Back Up WordPress

If you search the WordPress plugin repository for “backup”, you’ll get—as of today—195 results. I wrote about two of those plugins, WordPress Database Backup and WordPress Backup by BTE, just about a year ago, and installed them on all 8 of my own WP sites, as well as insisting that my clients use WP-DB-Backup at minimum. Both of those plugins back up different parts of a WordPress … [Read more...]

Even Geeks Suffer from Data Loss

Yesterday the Ur-Guru pointed me to a post on Coding Horror entitled “International Backup Awareness Day.” Coding Horror is normally a blog, and the permalinks to posts don’t normally look like the one I just pasted in there. Depending on when you read this, clicking on that link might get you a “404: Page Not Found” error. Thanks to catastrophic data loss, Coding Horror is only pretending to be a … [Read more...]