i365 “Be the Hero” Disaster Recovery Workshop on March 11th

Seagate’s i365 is holding a “Be the Hero” disaster recovery webinar on March 11, 2010 from 10:00-11:00 AM Pacific. This is oriented a bit more toward the enterprise than the SOHO user, but I thought I’d put the link here anyway. Disaster recovery is a useful thing to know about, after all. Here’s the copy from their registration page: If and when a disaster strikes you want to be the hero, … [Read more...]

Buffalo Goes Metro in San Francisco

A few days ago I got a phone call from my BFF Jay Pechek at Buffalo Technology, apologizing profusely for not responding  immediately to my initial queries about Raid Troubles in Europe and his DriveStation. It turns out Jay was on vacation in Colombia and completely without Internet access for a few weeks. But no sooner had he landed in New York than he was off on a product launch tour and … [Read more...]

Fireproof Backups

Making your hard drives more secure seems to be the trendy thing to do these days. Within the past couple of months, I've been contacted about two similar products for protecting your external hard drives from fire and water—not to mention spilled coffee. I haven’t had the chance to test either product myself, so I can’t give you a firsthand account, but it seemed worth mentioning them in case … [Read more...]

GFI Makes Titan Backup Free for Home Users

In the course of investigating Memeo for last week’s Backup Reminder, I discovered I had a problem. I’d been using Memeo to back up my F drive, Freya (a Seagate FreeAgent Go USB drive) to my L drive, Lachesis (a Buffalo LinkStation Mini). However, I was not letting Memeo run in the background, because I had previously had problems with that. Memeo sends out little warnings if you turn its … [Read more...]

Hopped-Up Rebit Increases Cuteness Quotient

Rebit sells itself on ease of use, but the most inescapable characteristic of this “ridiculously simple” backup device for Windows is cuteness. How can even the most technophobic Windows user feel threatened by that cute little frog? And look at the announcements you get if you’re a backup blogger or tech columnist: “Rebit to Donate to SavetheFrogs.com. […] Rebit will celebrate international “Save … [Read more...]