Interview with Todd Esplin about Mozy 2.0 for Mac

Last Friday I had the opportunity to talk to Todd Esplin, principal product manager at Mozy, about the just-released Mozy 2.0 for Mac. As a PC user, I can’t review this product myself, but the Ur-Guru has recently started investing in Macs because he’s getting into iOS development, so he’s testing it out and will have a review for you soon. Meanwhile, I’ve waited long enough to publish the … [Read more...]

Back Up Your Joomla! Site with Akeeba

If you’ve been following this site for any length of time, you’ll know I’m a WordPress fangirl. I’ve written about backup solutions for WordPress sites before, and I’m sure I will again; the darn things seem to proliferate. (In fact, I got to test BackupBuddy on a WordPress Multi-site/BuddyPress install the other day, and though it needed a little tweaking to migrate to a new domain, it worked … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Back Up Your Facebook Profile

Ever since I first heard about it at Joomla Day West, I’ve been planning to write about Akeeba Backup, but I haven’t had a chance to test it yet. (Those pesky clients, you know.) And then Facebook came out with the startling news that they’re letting users back up all the material uploaded to their profiles. I’m not a Facebook user, but fortunately my esteemed colleague Lee Hopkins had already … [Read more...]

StarTech’s SATA Dock & Duplicator: Handy, not Revolutionary

One of the things I like about my new laptop is the eSATA port—even though I don’t have any eSATA external hard drives yet. (I’m sure there’s someone out there who could correct that little oversight.) SATA (Serial ATA) is a faster way to connect your hard drive to your motherboard; most newer computers use it instead of the older EIDE standard. An eSATA port has a speed of 3,000 megabits per … [Read more...]

Don’t They Teach Backup in School These Days?

The Ur-Guru pointed me to this sad post on Refreshing News: A Calgary man is desperate to get his stolen laptop, with years of work on it, back. It was stolen from the trunk of his car while he went for a run in Edworthy Park Wednesday night. John Boldt is pleading for the return of his hard drive, which contains research and notes for the thesis he was writing for his master’s degree … [Read more...]