Quadruple the Backup from Buffalo

Back in 2007, my BFF Jay Pechek sent me a bunch of Maxtor drives. Maxtor’s external hard drives are supposed to have a 5-year warranty, but there’s a little trick with this Free Stuff I get from PR people. When you don’t actually buy something, and don’t have a receipt, you can’t make use of the warranty in the ordinary way. Jay said “I’m your warranty; if anything goes wrong, call me.” Okay, … [Read more...]

FileSlinger™ Backup Reminder 07-07-06: Geek Up for Backups

Yesterday morning I got a message from my brother—the one who lost most of his photos to a hard drive crash a few months ago (05-19-06 Backup Reminder). Unlike many people who lose their data because they don’t have backups, he’s taken some action to make sure it doesn’t happen again. “Well, I really geeked it up this weekend in an effort to avoid future data loss from HD failure. I took an old … [Read more...]

Replacing Tapes with DVDs

In his August 15 post Rethinking backup, ZDNet's Paul Murphy suggests replacing standard tape drives with a combination of RAID array and DVD superdrive. "The cash savings are obvious but other things may be more important. For example, high quality DVDs outlast tapes, cost less, and require less storage space." It's true, people talk a lot about the 30 year shelf life of tape, and DVDs, like … [Read more...]