Winners of the CloudBerry Online Backup Giveaway Contest

Our three winners in the CloudBerry Online Backup giveaway contest are: Larry H., who will be using it to back up his business data. Ty Taylor, who has some higher education and training presentations and video files to back up and synchronize. Tim Larson, who needs to back up all the photos and videos of his kids on his Windows Home Server. Thanks for … [Read more...]

CloudBerry: Amazon S3 Backup the Easy Way

Back in January when I wrote about Automatic WordPress Backup, Andy K. from CloudBerry Lab popped up in the comments on the cross-post to the WordPress Asylum site asking why I had recommended S3Fox over his company’s product, CloudBerry S3 Explorer. (For the simple enough reason that S3Fox was the first product I’d come across, and worked as a Firefox plugin.) It seemed to me that I’d heard the … [Read more...]

Hey! You! Get off of My Cloud!

Review of the 3X Remote Backup Appliance The headline of the pitch I received back in November read “3X Systems Launches Private Backup Cloud Appliance for SMBs”. The notion of a “private cloud” intrigued me, so I decided to follow up. (Besides, no one quoted in the press release used the word “excited,” so they get extra points.) We all talk about “the cloud” as if it’s some amorphous collective … [Read more...]

A New Way to Back Up WordPress

If you search the WordPress plugin repository for “backup”, you’ll get—as of today—195 results. I wrote about two of those plugins, WordPress Database Backup and WordPress Backup by BTE, just about a year ago, and installed them on all 8 of my own WP sites, as well as insisting that my clients use WP-DB-Backup at minimum. Both of those plugins back up different parts of a WordPress … [Read more...]

Holiday Special from MyOtherDrive

Now through December 31st, you can get a whole year’s worth of online backup—a generous 25 GB, at that—for only $30. Here are the instructions they sent me in the mail. Go to the Holiday Special Page (you can click the coupon above) Click on the Holiday Gift Card. Fill in the recipient’s name. Enter your payment information. Print the coupon or forward the email that is sent to … [Read more...]