Back Up Your Contacts

My in-flight reading for last week’s trip to Cleveland was Trust Agents: Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn Trust by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith. (Yes, oh FTC inspectors, that’s an Amazon Affiliate Link.) I don’t buy hardcover books by just anyone, but I’m a big fan of Chris Brogan’s, and increasingly impressed by what I hear of Julien Smith on the Media Hacks … [Read more...]

Putting Your Data in Danger

Would you entrust your data to a company called “Danger”? Microsoft and T-Mobile did. And it was your data, if you were a Sidekick user. The adventure began on October 10th. The headline in TechCrunch read “T-Mobile Sidekick Disaster: Danger’s Servers Crashed, And They Don’t Have A Backup.” Jason Kincaid, author of the TechCrunch article, was absolutely scathing on the subject: This goes … [Read more...]

Visiting Spare Backup

Last week while we were in Pasadena visiting family members (mine), the Ur-Guru and I drove out to Palm Desert to the corporate offices of Spare Backup, Inc. Long-time readers of this blog may remember that I covered Spare’s online backup service/software about a year ago, and also (DISCLOSURE) that they’re a client of mine. (They weren’t a client yet at the time I wrote the review.) The reason … [Read more...]

Data Disasters: Did You Forget Your Mobile Workforce? FileSlinger™ Backup Reminder 08-15-08

The Ur-Guru and I have just returned from a week of Extreme Tourism in Chicago. He took 28 GB of photos. Each night he copied them all from his camera’s 8 GB Compact Flash card onto the two portable hard drives he’d brought along. (One serves as the original, one as the backup, and then he clears off card so he can take more pictures.) We also fixed my father’s wireless router, so there’s wi-fi in … [Read more...]

Shaking Up Your Backups: FileSlinger™ Backup Reminder 07-20-07

The earthquake at much-too-early-AM today reminded me that it really might be a better idea to sleep with the computer under the bed than on top of it. On the other hand, I’d probably give myself a hernia reaching for it every morning, and the ceiling is the only thing that can actually fall on it where it is. And if that happens, I might not be around to worry about my data. (Yes, I sleep with my … [Read more...]