What Happened to This Website?

I still get pitches for the Backup Blog now and again, and people asking to write guest posts, even though nothing new has appeared on this site since 2011. I thought I should at least clean it up a bit (since that would also give me a chance to see what a Genesis magazine theme would look like on a site that didn't have featured images), but no, I will not be returning to writing it. Here's … [Read more...]

Backup Bookmarks for April 9th through April 17th

These are my links for April 9th through April 17th: Why your backups may disappear - Computerworld Blogs - Report: Iron Mountain to shutter cloud storage service - Computerworld - Toshiba releases self-erasing drives - Computerworld - FreeFileSync | Download FreeFileSync software for free at SourceForge.net - … [Read more...]

Win a Rebit 5 CD

Between the vicious migraine I picked up in Los Angeles and my hot date with TurboTax, I didn’t have time to write my review of Buffalo’s CloudStor for this week. (Though I did use it while I was out of town, and my tax return is getting backed up onto it right now.) I did, however, manage to come up with some rules for the Rebit 5 CD giveaway so that my extra copies of the Rebit software don’t go … [Read more...]

Rebit 5: Better Than Ever, but Not Quite as “Ridiculously Simple”

I received my new Rebit 5 device, a charmingly slim, black 500 GB portable hard drive, on March 21st. (There was a time when Rebit wanted  to get away from selling hardware, but that idea seems to have fallen by the wayside.) The first time I tested a Rebit drive, the software was pre-installed on the drive. Also the second time. And the third time, with the SaveMe drive I got for my mother. … [Read more...]

It’s World Backup Day

Yes, a brand new holiday in honor of backup. And if you go to http://www.worldbackupday.net/ you can enter to win backup-related prizes from SpiderOak, Backblaze, MiMedia, and CrashPlan. We’ve covered some of those services here on this blog and hope to get to the others before too much time passes. … [Read more...]

Surprise! No More Dmailer Online

It seems like only yesterday that I was writing my review of Dmailer’s online backup service. It was actually almost a year ago. That was long enough, apparently, to convince the folks at Dmailer to get out of the crowded online backup market. They’re handing their online service over to YuuWaa. I haven’t mentioned YuuWaa before, but they have been around for a while; they’re on my list of … [Read more...]

Is Cloud-Based Data Protection Really the End of Backups?

Joel Maki at Zetta has been sending me pitches for about a million years. The problem is, Zetta provides enterprise storage services, which isn't want most of my readers are looking for. Most recently, however, he sent a copy of the report Zetta VP Products Chris Schinn gave at the November 2010 Cloud Expo. There are some useful statistics about the growth of data and storage needs, incidence … [Read more...]