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What Happened to This Website?

I still get pitches for the Backup Blog now and again, and people asking to write guest posts, even though nothing new has appeared on this site since 2011. I thought I should at least clean it up a bit (since that would also give me a chance to see what a Genesis magazine theme would look like on a site that didn’t have featured images), but no, I will not be returning to writing it. In another year or so, I may retire the content entirely, but it’s really not doing anyone any harm here. It’s part of my history on the Internet. So it will stay, at least for now, even though I’ve moved on.

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(Belated) Review of Mozy 2.0 for Mac

In conclusion, I would recommend a local, high speed, backup, for the Mac, preferably using the included Time Machine and an external hard drive (a FW800 drive is really very spiffy), but that means both your system or laptop and its main backup are in the same physical location. But if you want a secondary backup that’s off-site, easy to configure, requires very little involvement or manual action to get it going, MozyHome does provide what you may need for that purpose. Just don’t expect extremely high speeds and fast backups and restores.

StarTech’s SATA Dock & Duplicator: Handy, not Revolutionary

The StarTech USB to SATA Standalone Hard Drive Duplicator Dock seems like a handy way to be able to use hard drives in rotation, perhaps keeping one or more off site. If you do any kind of tech support and have to make rescue calls with any kind of frequency, it could be a very handy device to have. If you’re a technophobe who shudders at the thought of formatting a disk, you might as well just buy a traditional external hard drive with an enclosure around it.

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Backup (Best and Worst) Practices

Back Up Your Code

Whether you’re dealing with CSS or Microsoft Word, it never hurts to save a copy of the original document before you start messing around with it. There are times when the “Undo” function can’t help you.

New Computer = New Backups

And just to make me glad I had backups, less than a month after I’d bought her, Auset experienced the Black Screen of Death. When I turned her on, nothing happened. No drive light. No drive sounds. Nothing on the screen. I mean, nothing. Naturally I panicked and called the Ur-Guru, while digging out the info I’d need for a warranty return. (We—he—found the solution, which was to unplug the machine, remove the battery, and press the power button for 45 seconds.) Throughout the whole harrowing scenario, there was one comforting thought: at least I had backups.

Too Late to Back Up?

Last week I got a call from someone whose name I won’t reveal but whose story should be a lesson to everyone reading this. The person in question is someone who uses her laptop continually, but doesn’t know that much about it.

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Data Loss Disaster Stories

Don’t They Teach Backup in School These Days?

The Ur-Guru pointed me to this sad post on Refreshing News: A Calgary man is desperate to get his stolen laptop, with years of work on it, back. It was stolen from the trunk of his car while he went for a run in Edworthy Park Wednesday night. John Boldt is pleading for the return […]

Why You Need Your Own Website Backups

I was listening to Marketing Over Coffee a few weeks ago and heard a sad tale of woe from co-host John Wall. His blog, Ronin Marketeer, was down for four days. Hosed, in fact. Literally. On February 20th, there was an an accident during the annual inspection of the fire-suppression system at WestHost’s data center. […]

Even Geeks Suffer from Data Loss

Yesterday the Ur-Guru pointed me to a post on Coding Horror entitled “International Backup Awareness Day.” Coding Horror is normally a blog, and the permalinks to posts don’t normally look like the one I just pasted in there. Depending on when you read this, clicking on that link might get you a “404: Page Not […]

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